Under the correct guidance, each individual improvement project on the blowing film production process is endowed with new significance, which makes the staff very clear about the significance of the implementation of the project. There are mainly 7 methods f for film manufacture to improve the production process.

PDF OF Tutorial 7 ways for film manufacture to improve the production process

1.Eliminate quality inspection and rework

From the design scheme of the product and continues, until the whole product is manufactured on the assembly line, the quality of each link can be guaranteed to be 100%, then the phenomenon of quality inspection and rework will naturally become redundant.

Therefore, the idea of “error protection” must be carried through the whole production process to ensure that each kind of product can only be processed and installed strictly in the right way, so as to avoid possible errors in the production process. To eliminate the rework phenomenon is to reduce the generation of waste products, pay attention to all kinds of phenomena that produce waste products (such as equipment, staff, materials and operating methods), find the root cause, and then solve them thoroughly.

2.Eliminate unnecessary movement of parts

In the workshop organized according to the specialized form of film blowing process, parts are often moved to and from several workshops, which makes the production line long, the production cycle long and the production cost high.

By changing this unreasonable layout, the production of products required by the equipment according to the processing sequence arrangement, and do as compact as possible, which is conducive to shorten the transportation route, eliminate unnecessary parts and unreasonable material movement, saving production time.

3.Elimination of inventory

For blown film manufacture, inventory is regarded as the biggest waste, because inventory covers up many production problems, increases workers’ inertia, and even worse, takes up a lot of capital.

The effective measure to reduce inventory is to change “batch production, queuing supply” to “single production process”. In the single piece production process, there is basically only one piece of production in each process flow, the whole production process with the single piece production process and always maintain the flow.

4.Arrange production plan of blowing film reasonably

From the perspective of production management, a balanced production plan is the best way to give full play to the efficiency of the production system. It is necessary to arrange the work plan and staff reasonably to avoid the working load of a process from too high to too low.

5.Reduce production preparation time

The general approach to reduce the production preparation time is to carefully do all the preparatory activities before starting up, to eliminate the production process may occur a variety of hidden dangers.

(1) identify which factors are intrinsic; What are the external factors;

(2) as far as possible to change the internal factors for external factors;

(3) use industrial engineering methods to improve technology, streamline all internal and external factors that affect production preparation, and improve efficiency.

6.Eliminate downtime

Eliminating downtime is important for maintaining continuous production, where there is little inventory between the two processes and the entire production line breaks down if the machine fails.

The most powerful measure to eliminate downtime is total production maintenance, which includes four basic maintenance methods: routine maintenance, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance and immediate maintenance.

7.Improve labor utilization rate

Improving labor utilization rate includes two aspects: one is to improve direct labor utilization rate; the other is to improve indirect labor utilization rate.

The key to improve the direct labor utilization rate is to cross-train the operators so that one person can be responsible for the operation of multiple machines and the operators on the production line can adapt to any work on the production line. Cross – training gives workers great flexibility to coordinate and deal with abnormal problems in the production process.

Indirect labor utilization rate is mainly to eliminate indirect labor. Point of view, from product value chain of links such as inventory, inspection, rework of manpower and material resources consumption does not increase the value of the product, so the labor is often thought of as indirect labor, if eliminate the indirect activity that doesn’t add value in the product value chain, then by the indirect activity caused by indirect costs will be significantly reduced, labor utilization also improves accordingly, to improve the utilization ratio of direct Labour measures can also improve the rate of indirect labor.


In the future, plastic masterbatch production enterprises need to focus on building a new “lean manufacturing” manufacture mode, implement the connectivity of each operation link, get through from the design, research and development, planning, purchasing, logistics, production, sales to after all the business system, will increase production to an unprecedented height, in an innovative and effective way, change the production operation mode, authors increase efficiency, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.