This article will share the functional masterbatch formula of low-density polyethylene, including LDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE degradable masterbatch, etc., to help low-density polyethylene producers have a deeper understanding of plastic additives.

 LDPE functional masterbatch

1. LDPE long-life master formula

(mass fraction, %) :

carrier LDPE77.5;Blocked amine light stabilizer 10;Stabilizer, phenolic main antioxidant 2.5;Dispersant, PE wax 5; Phosphite ester antioxidant 5.


The service life of LDPE long-lived master stock can reach 2400h. The mulch film can be prepared by adding the master material to LDPE at a ratio of 1-25.

2. LDPE anti-aging master stock

(quality) : LDPE100; Antioxidant CA2.35; UV-3272.35; Antioxidant 22464.7; Triazine-52.35; DLTP4.7; BAD1.18; Industrial sulfur yellow 2.35.

3. PE antibacterial masterbatch

(quality) : LDPE100; Antioxidant CA2.35; UV-3272.35; Antioxidant 22464.7; Triazine-52.35; DLTP4.7; BAD1.18; Industrial sulfur yellow 2.35.

(quality) :

LDPE70; LLDPE30; Silver ion antibacterial 30; Polyethylene wax 2; Stearic acid 1.

Processing conditions:

Generally by extrusion process. The amount added to the product is about 10 copies.


The master stock has good antibacterial performance, strong durability, and can be valid for more than 10 years. Often used in the household appliances industry, telecommunications industry, chemical building materials industry of plastic products.

4.LLDPE anti-blocking masterbatch formula

(Mass fraction, %) : LLDPE (powder) 42.5; Calcium hydrogen phosphate (or diatomite) 40; Dispersant 10; Surface treatment agent 7; Processing aid 0.5.

After the opening master material is added to LDPE, the adhesion of the film decreases from 0.8×10-3N/mm of pure material to 0.5×10-3N/mm, the light transmittance decreases by only 0.5%, and other properties are unchanged.

5. LDPE anti-blocking masterbatch formula

(quality) : LDPE100; Diatomite 30; Stearic acid 1; Coupling agent 0.5; 0.2 paraffin.

6. LLDPE processing master stock formula

(Quality score, %) : LLDPE98; Organic fluorinated elastomer or organosilicon 2.

7. LLDPE composite processing master material formula

(Quality) : LLDPE100; Fluorinated resin 3; Polysiloxane 2; Polyethylene wax 1.

8. LLDPE degradation master material

(Quality) :

LLDPE (DFDA7042) 100; Starch (< 5μm, moisture content < 4%) 150; Epoxy soybean oil +DOA (dioctyl adipate) 4; Stearic acid + sodium stearate or CaSt2; Coupling agent 1.5; Polyethylene wax or oxidized polyethylene 20.

Processing conditions:

the addition of a coupling agent can reduce the water absorption of starch, and reduces the polarity of starch, which can be sprayed with white oil as the carrier, the earlier the better; It is very important to control the starch content below 0.4%. Oxidized polyethylene or polyethylene wax as an activator can improve the compatibility of starch with LLDPE.

9. LDPE/ mica matting masterbatch

(mass fraction, %): LDPE60; Mica Powder 40.

10. LDPE/ talc matting masterbatch

(mass fraction, %): LDPE60; Talc 40.

11. LDPE hygroscopic masterbatch


LDPE (DFDA7042) 15 ~ 20; Calcium oxide powder (10-15 μm) 60 ~ 70; Polyethylene wax 10 ~ 15; Aluminate coupling agent 3.0 ~ 3.5.

Processing conditions:

the calcium oxide powder is added to the high-speed mixer, high-speed stirring until the temperature reaches 100 ~ 110℃, adding aluminate coupling agent, calcium oxide surface treatment for 20min, and finally add polyethylene wax and LDPE, high-speed stirring to 160℃, so that the material is fully melted and mixed.

The mixed caking material is broken after cooling and added to the twin-screw extruder for further mixing and granulation.

The temperature of each section of the twin-screw extruder is 153℃, 158℃, 165℃, 153℃, 153℃, 153℃, 153℃.

12. LDPE Self-adhesive master Formula 1

(mass fraction, %) : LDPE70; Liquid polyisobutene 30.

Description: The additional amount in the resin is 16%.

13. LDPE Self-adhesive master Formula 2

(mass fraction, %) : LDPE70; Liquid polyisobutene 25; PVB5.

14. LLDPE fresh-keeping master stock

(Quality) : LLDPE100; PVA2; SPAN-20 Antifogging agent 10; Medical stone preservative 2; Glycerol 0.5; Silica 1.

15. LDPE low halogen flame retardant masterbatch

(mass) : antimony trioxide 50;Aluminum hydroxide 50; LDPE20; Titanate 1.5;CPE15;Decabromodiphenyl ether 15;Pentabromotoluene 5.

16.PE flame retardant masterbatch

(quality) : HDPE80;Amyl bromide ether /Sb2O3 (3/1) 120;Stabilizer 10.8.

Performance: When 5% PE is added, the oxygen index is 27.8%.

17. Flame-retardant LDPE master stock

(mass fraction, %) :

LDPE15 ~ 20;Decabromodiphenyl ether 50 ~ 60;PP5; TAS-2A4; Sb2O310 ~ 15.

Processing conditions:

Except for TAS-2A, other materials were mixed in a high-speed kneader for 20min; When the material temperature reaches 95 ~ 100℃, TAS-2A is added. Extrusion granulation.


MFR=18g/ (10min).

18. LLDPE self-adhesive master Formula 3

(Quality) : LLDPE100; PVB10; Liquid polyisobutene 5.