PE polyethylene film in use, how to correct proportion is a big problem plaguing film manufacturers, this paper will introduce PE drip-free greenhouse film formula and anti-atomization transparent composite greenhouse film formula, to help manufacturers solve this problem.

The formula of functional masterbatch for polyethylene film

1. Drip-free greenhouse film formula 1

Formula (mass portion) :

(Stearin monoglyceride, fatty acid amide, and another opening agent, and the three kinds of nonionic surfactant Twain equal dosage) Total 0.5 ~ 1.2; LLDPE (DFDA-7047) 50; Antiskid agent 0.4 ~ 0.7.

Machining conditions:

Barrel temperature 130-150 ℃, 160-180 ℃, head temperature 160-170 ℃, blow ratio 2-4, screw speed 30-50r /min, extruder screw 65mm, length-diameter ratio (L/D) 28, compression ratio 3.5.


Tensile strength of 18.2 ~ 22.8MPa, elongation at break of 450% ~ 525%, right Angle tear strength of longitudinal 92.7 ~ 99.6kN/m, transverse 111 ~ 99.6kN/m.

2. PE drip-free greenhouse film formula 2

Formula (mass):

LDPE50; LLDPE50; Drip-free master 5.0; Antioxidant and UV absorbent 1.7.


Tensile strength (longitudinal/transverse) is 29/25 (MPa), elongation at break (longitudinal/transverse) is 720/760%, and right Angle tear strength (longitudinal/transverse) is 118/112kN/m.

3. PE drip-free greenhouse film formula 3

Formula (mass fraction, %) :

LDPE98.5; Sorbitol monostearate 1%; ZnSt0.5.

Related performance:

Anti-fog drops for 140 days.

4. Anti-atomization transparent composite greenhouse film formula

Processing conditions:

The above formula has three layers (intermediate layer as a barrier layer, mostly using ethylene/vinyl acetate) co-extrusion, three layers of thickness of 15μm, 75μm, and 15μm composite film.


The film has good atomization resistance, transparency, flexibility, and elastic recovery.

5. LDPE drip-free mulch formula

Formula (mass):

LDPE100; LLDPE60; Sorbitol compounds 0.6.

6. Anti-drip anti-aging double anti-film formula

Formula (mass) :

LDPE60; LLDPE40; UV-5310.3; Antioxidant 20020.3; Sorbitol monooleate 0.7; Fine white carbon black 0.4.

7. Anti-fogging LDPE film formula

Formula (mass fraction, %):

LDPE96; Ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer 4.

Processing conditions:

After film formation, corona treatment was carried out first, then immersed in SnCl4·5H2O and SnCl2·2H2O, rinsed with water, dried, and finally treated in 80℃ saturated steam for 100h.


No fog surface, suitable for greenhouse, greenhouse, and car glass film.