Tutorial:7 kinds of polypropylene film formula and process

How to produce polyethylene (PP) film? What is the formula of polyethylene film? Polyethylene film production plastic additives added? This article will share 7 kinds of polyethylene film formulas [Read More]

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Tutorial:18 LDPE functional masterbatch formulations

This article will share the functional masterbatch formula of low-density polyethylene, including LDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE degradable masterbatch, etc., to help low-density polyethylene producers [Read More]

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Tutorial: How to choose cast film anti-blocking masterbatch

Casting film has excellent heat-sealing performance and excellent transparency, how to choose the appropriate anti-blocking masterbatch has become a difficult problem that many producers must tackle. This paper describes [Read More]

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Cast film anti-blocking masterbatch formula composition

What is the composition of an anti-blocking masterbatch?  The anti-blocking masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler, and auxiliaries. In the process of forming, the ratio of the anti-blocking [Read More]

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Tutorial: how to deal with blown film appears uneven winding

Packaging efficiency and product hygiene control, soft packaging products will be wrapped in a film more frequently. Also, on the soft packaging production line, processed semi-finished products are in [Read More]

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Tutorial: 7 ways for film manufacture to improve process

Under the correct guidance, each individual improvement project on the blowing film production process is endowed with new significance, which makes the staff very clear about the significance of [Read More]

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