Will the slip masterbatch affect the properties of the plastic?

When considering the addition of slip masterbatch to plastics, users may be concerned about its impact on the performance of the material. To achieve optimal results, several factors must [Read More]

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Why we choose Slip and Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

The use of additives in plastic processing is inevitable. Among them, slip and anti-blocking masterbatch are two commonly used additives to improve plastic flowability and processing performance, surface smoothness, [Read More]

How BOPP film anti-blocking masterbatch Influence fog degree

As the anti-blocking of BOPP film, it must have good anti-viscosity, and dispersion, be non-toxic, and have a close refractive coefficient. Bidirectional polypropylene film, referred to as BOPP film, [Read More]

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Difference between anti-blocking and slip masterbatch

It is well known that various functional additives are indispensable in the process of film production. Slip masterbatch and anti-blocking masterbatch are two important additives.The function of the anti-blocking [Read More]

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How to choose a slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

Common problems of film manufacturers: adhesion between plastic films; The smoothness of migration masterbatch affects the thermal sealing printing performance of the film. The main reason is that after [Read More]

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