How to choose PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

This paper will introduce the following three aspects: the characteristics of PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch compared with PP film, what should be paid attention to in the [Read More]

Why we choose Slip and Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

The use of additives in plastic processing is inevitable. Among them, slip and anti-blocking masterbatch are two commonly used additives to improve plastic flowability and processing performance, surface smoothness, [Read More]

Formula design of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

Why resin as the main raw material can be formed with different properties of the product, and how to design an easy-to-use slip and anti-blocking masterbatch? Different properties of [Read More]

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Basic principles of functional masterbatch formulation design

With the reasonable coordination of synthetic resins and auxiliaries, the required plastic materials can be obtained in a short time. It can be seen that plastic formulation technology is [Read More]

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Tutorial:18 LDPE functional masterbatch formulations

This article will share the functional masterbatch formula of low-density polyethylene, including LDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE degradable masterbatch, etc., to help low-density polyethylene producers [Read More]

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How to select raw materials for slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

There are many types of plastics. Hundreds of resins are in industrial production. Nearly 40 are commonly used, and new ones are created every year. In the face of [Read More]

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