Will the slip masterbatch affect the properties of the plastic?

When considering the addition of slip masterbatch to plastics, users may be concerned about its impact on the performance of the material. To achieve optimal results, several factors must [Read More]

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How to choose Anti-Blocking Masterbatch for Blown Film

Blown film technology is a widely used processing method in the manufacture of plastic products. In blown film technology, an anti-blocking masterbatch is a crucial component. Selecting the right [Read More]

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How to Choose Antistatic Masterbatch for Blown Film

The generation of static electricity is inevitable in the process of blown film, which can cause many problems in production, such as increased film adhesion, reduced printing quality, damage [Read More]

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Application of anti-static masterbatch

Currently, an additive anti-static masterbatch is used in a limited number of polymers, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene (film, sheet, injection molded products, containers, and especially packaging materials). Applications for [Read More]

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