How to choose PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

This paper will introduce the following three aspects: the characteristics of PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch compared with PP film, what should be paid attention to in the [Read More]

Why we choose Slip and Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

The use of additives in plastic processing is inevitable. Among them, slip and anti-blocking masterbatch are two commonly used additives to improve plastic flowability and processing performance, surface smoothness, [Read More]

Why does anti-static masterbatch weaken

Why does anti-static masterbatch weaken? What should I pay attention to using anti-static masterbatch? When external or internal anti-static masterbatch is used for the antistatic treatment of materials, relative [Read More]

Formula design of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

Why resin as the main raw material can be formed with different properties of the product, and how to design an easy-to-use slip and anti-blocking masterbatch? Different properties of [Read More]

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Tutorial:7 kinds of polypropylene film formula and process

How to produce polyethylene (PP) film? What is the formula of polyethylene film? Polyethylene film production plastic additives added? This article will share 7 kinds of polyethylene film formulas [Read More]

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Cast film anti-blocking masterbatch formula composition

What is the composition of an anti-blocking masterbatch?  The anti-blocking masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler, and auxiliaries. In the process of forming, the ratio of the anti-blocking [Read More]

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Difference between anti-blocking and slip masterbatch

It is well known that various functional additives are indispensable in the process of film production. Slip masterbatch and anti-blocking masterbatch are two important additives.The function of the anti-blocking [Read More]

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