How to choose PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

This paper will introduce the following three aspects: the characteristics of PE film slip and anti-blocking masterbatch compared with PP film, what should be paid attention to in the [Read More]

Will the slip masterbatch affect the properties of the plastic?

When considering the addition of slip masterbatch to plastics, users may be concerned about its impact on the performance of the material. To achieve optimal results, several factors must [Read More]

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How to Choose the Right Cast Film Antistatic Masterbatch

Cast film is a popular product used in many fields such as electronics, food, and medical industries. To prevent the negative effects of static electricity on cast film products, [Read More]

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Why does anti-static masterbatch weaken

Why does anti-static masterbatch weaken? What should I pay attention to using anti-static masterbatch? When external or internal anti-static masterbatch is used for the antistatic treatment of materials, relative [Read More]

Tutorial: How to choose cast film anti-blocking masterbatch

Casting film has excellent heat-sealing performance and excellent transparency, how to choose the appropriate anti-blocking masterbatch has become a difficult problem that many producers must tackle. This paper describes [Read More]

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Cast film anti-blocking masterbatch formula composition

What is the composition of an anti-blocking masterbatch?  The anti-blocking masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler, and auxiliaries. In the process of forming, the ratio of the anti-blocking [Read More]

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Polymer permanent antistatic masterbatch

Polymer permanent antistatic masterbatch can be divided into hydrophilic polymer antistatic masterbatch and intrinsic conductive polymer antistatic masterbatch. There are many shortcomings in the use of surface-active dosages antistatic [Read More]

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