How to choose Anti-Blocking Masterbatch for Blown Film

Blown film technology is a widely used processing method in the manufacture of plastic products. In blown film technology, an anti-blocking masterbatch is a crucial component. Selecting the right [Read More]

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Why we choose Slip and Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

The use of additives in plastic processing is inevitable. Among them, slip and anti-blocking masterbatch are two commonly used additives to improve plastic flowability and processing performance, surface smoothness, [Read More]

How BOPP film anti-blocking masterbatch Influence fog degree

As the anti-blocking of BOPP film, it must have good anti-viscosity, and dispersion, be non-toxic, and have a close refractive coefficient. Bidirectional polypropylene film, referred to as BOPP film, [Read More]

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Basic principles of functional masterbatch formulation design

With the reasonable coordination of synthetic resins and auxiliaries, the required plastic materials can be obtained in a short time. It can be seen that plastic formulation technology is [Read More]

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Tutorial:7 kinds of polypropylene film formula and process

How to produce polyethylene (PP) film? What is the formula of polyethylene film? Polyethylene film production plastic additives added? This article will share 7 kinds of polyethylene film formulas [Read More]

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Tutorial:18 LDPE functional masterbatch formulations

This article will share the functional masterbatch formula of low-density polyethylene, including LDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE open masterbatch formula, LLDPE degradable masterbatch, etc., to help low-density polyethylene producers [Read More]

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Tutorial: How to choose cast film anti-blocking masterbatch

Casting film has excellent heat-sealing performance and excellent transparency, how to choose the appropriate anti-blocking masterbatch has become a difficult problem that many producers must tackle. This paper describes [Read More]

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