In the production process, there are sometimes demands both anti-static and slip. At this time, the quality of the products produced is often inconsistent because the proper dosage cannot be grasped.

To end this , a number of experiments have taken to find out this  functional masterbatch .Now a days, it have already through plenty of the actual application and feedback.

anti-static and slip masterbatch

The advantages of this series of antistatic and slip masterbatch:

1. Using imported raw materials, stable and reliable quality;

2. At the same time with antistatic and smooth, add to achieve two major functions;

3. No adverse effects on printing composite;

4. High purity formula, will not affect the film transparency and fog;

5. Compared with adding antistatic agent and smoothing agent separately, the total amount of addition is reduced by about 50% and the cost of customers is reduced by about 30%.

* If the product does not need smoothness, please choose antistatic masterbatch.


BOPP Film Antistatic and Slip Masterbatch

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