Handling many processes and plastic part problems, it happens many times and needs to meet anti-blocking and slip requirements. If these two agents are added separately, multiple attempts are required to achieve the desired results, and the testing process often wastes a lot of resources and time due to dose issues.

It is difficult to directly reach the pain point in this process. Through several experiments, we have introduced this combination of reagents to meet every market challenges.

slip and anti-blocking Masterbatch

In the actual use case, because this product is two-in-one, only one addition can achieve the function of smooth and opening. Compared with separately adding the slip masterbatch and anti blocking masterbatch, the total amount can be reduced by about 50%, and the corresponding cost will be reduced.

The advantages of this series are:

1. Imported eruceramide is used as raw material with stable and reliable quality;

2. This product has excellent dispersion and quick effect;

3. No adverse effects on printing composite;

4. High purity formula, will not affect the film transparency and fog;

5. The addition quantity is small, which can reduce the quantity by about 50% compared with separate addition, and reduce the production cost of customers.

* If your product only needs to meet one of the functions, you can choose the slip masterbatch or the anti blocking masterbatch.

Discuss with us your required application and let us recommend the optimum product and addition level for your project.


Blown Film Slip and Anti-blocking Masterbatch
Cast Film Slip and Anti-blocking Masterbatch

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