As a blown film machine equipment, because of the actual characteristics of its production process, plastic blowing film machinery is 24 hours non-stop operation. The film-blowing equipment with full load operation has a large loss for the fuselage.

If there is no immediate maintenance and use of a blown film machine, it will affect the selection life of a blown film machine, and the precision and quality of film products.

So as a blown film machine operator technician how to grasp the car and maintenance work?

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How to maintain a blown film machine

1. Routine maintenance

(1) Electrical maintenance

Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, and the performance parameters meet the clear requirements;

Always maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, and always maintain a good transmission line, pay attention to eliminating electrostatic hazards;

Remove radiator dust regularly;

Note: In electrical maintenance, generally speaking, it is prohibited to conduct after-sale core components.

(2) Feeding machine system

Check the filter immediately and check the negative pressure feeding system for air leakage.

(3) Extruder system

Carefully observe the pressure instrument and main motor current, real-time check of the net changer;

Check the gearbox, screw, and main motor for noise and looseness;

Check frequency, current, and temperature rise of the frequency converter check dust of motor and frequency converter on time;

Correction of thermocouple measurement and actual temperature error;

Calibrate the position of the extruder and adjust the grooved wheel to ensure the position Angle and level of an extruder.

(4) Die head system

Boot smoking adopts a secondary smoking method to avoid temperature overflushing;

Before opening and shutting down, the pure copper scraper is used to wash the accumulation, and paraffin is used to clean the membrane mouth, to reduce the influence of hydrogen fluoride on the membrane bubble;

Cover the protective felt immediately after shutdown to avoid mold damage. (blown film machine adopts this method);

Check the temperature and current of each temperature zone and the heating plug-in of the membrane port regularly, and correct the temperature difference;

Calibrate the level of the die head and match the center point with the reconnection; A torque wrench is used to remove the molded screw. According to the specified torque operator, molybdenum disulfide grease is used for the high-temperature part of the screw.

Note: It is forbidden to carry out welding and mechanical processing on the mold.

(5) Maintenance of wind ring

Check the debris and dust in the air ring immediately.

(6) Maintenance of reconnection device

Herringbone folding has no pollution, hammer reconnection (cooling) roller pressure is suitable, no condensation, and flattening roller operation is flexible.

(7) Corona Processor maintenance

Regularly wash the high-voltage transformer, coupling roller, coupling frame, and electric control box, adjust the coupling clearance;

Check the humidity of the equipment before starting, avoid short circuits of the coupling frame, and check the running temperature of the coupling roller bearing;

Immediately replace the silicone tube.

2. How to maintain a blown film machine after the holiday

After the end of the holiday, factory workers will return to the production line one after another and need to carry out production tasks.

However, before starting the production, the following checks should be done:

(1) Check whether the connection part of the film-blowing machine is tight

It is necessary to check the fixing of the connecting parts of the film-blowing machine to prevent bolts from overheating;

(2) Replace the gear oil

The main engine gearbox, reconnection sliding out of the box should often shout cheer, replace the new gear oil (oil level beyond the scale line can be), to maintain the normal operation of the rotating parts, to prevent operation difficulties and loose damage;

(3) Start the motor and then slowly accelerate

When starting the main motor, it should start the motor first and then slowly accelerate, and stabilize after exceeding the specified speed;

If the shutdown maintenance, should first slide out and then shut down;

(4) Choose an automatic temperature control system

conditions can choose an automatic temperature control system, set the upper and lower tolerance temperature automatically stable, convenient, and safe;

(5) Pay attention to the operation of the host

After the host is opened, pay close attention to the operation of the host, adjust and correct the electrical instrument and controller immediately, carefully observe whether there is any abnormality or damage, and replace it after-sale to maintain its normal operation;

(6) No material idling

It is strictly prohibited to maneuver without material. When the cylinder, tee, and die head does not exceed the specified temperature, the main engine cannot be started;

(7) Keep the compressed air balanced

The compressed air in the bubble tube should always be balanced, because, in the process of reconnection, the compressed air will explode out, exceeding the immediate replenishment effect.