This paper will discuss the production process of BOPP film, the problems needing attention in the selection of slip masterbatch, and how to choose the appropriate slip masterbatch.

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As one of the widely used plastic materials, BOPP film has a wide range of applications in food packaging, gift packaging, printing, and other fields. In the production process of BOPP film, slip masterbatch is an indispensable part. Proper selection and use of slip masterbatch can improve production efficiency and product quality.

1. Characteristics of the BOPP film production process compared with other processes

BOPP film is a common plastic film, using a plane extrusion, transverse stretching, and longitudinal stretching process. The process has the following advantages:

1.1 BOPP film process has high production efficiency

Compared with other processes, the BOPP film production process is faster and more efficient.

1.2 Low cost of BOPP film process

BOPP film production process, low energy consumption, the use of raw materials is also less, the production cost is relatively low.

1.3 Good stability of BOPP film

BOPP film production process, good stability, can produce good stability of products.

2. Precautions for the selection of slip masterbatch for BOPP film

In the process of BOPP film production, the slip masterbatch plays a very important role, which has a direct impact on the quality, efficiency, and production cost of the product. Therefore, the following problems need to be paid attention to when choosing a slip masterbatch:

2.1 High-temperature resistance

BOPP film in the production process needs to be processed through high temperature, so the selection of slip masterbatch needs to have good high-temperature resistance.

2.2 Low volatility

Volatilizing the slip masterbatch may cause some pollution to the environment, so it is necessary to choose the low volatility of the slip masterbatch.

2.3 Stability

The selection of slip masterbatch needs to have good stability characteristics and can maintain a certain effect in the long-term production process.

3. How to choose the appropriate BOPP film slip masterbatch

In the selection of a suitable BOPP film slip masterbatch, the following aspects need to be considered:

3.1 Functional Requirements

The first thing to consider is what functional requirements the slip masterbatch needs to meet. According to the different application fields and use environments, the requirements for the slip masterbatch are also different.

For example, for some food packaging materials, the need for slip masterbatches with good food safety; For some high-speed production lines, the slip masterbatch must have fast diffusion speed and duration.

For some high-load running machines and equipment, the need for a slip masterbatch with high wear resistance and high-temperature resistance.

3.2 Chemical Characteristics

The chemical properties of the slip masterbatch are also one of the important considerations in choosing the right product. The chemical structure and molecular weight of the slip masterbatch will affect its solubility, dispersion, and migration in the polymer.

If the chemical structure of the slip masterbatch is similar to that of the polymer, then it is easy to produce co-solubility and compatibility, thus improving the dispersion and migration of the slip masterbatch in the polymer.

In addition, some slip masterbatch containing active functional groups may cause chemical reactions to the polymer, affecting its properties and stability.

3.3 Applicable polymer types

Different polymer types also have different choices for slip masterbatch.

For example, for PP materials, generally choose a slip masterbatch with a low melting point and low molecular weight, to improve its processing fluidity and ductility; For PE material, due to its low density, it is usually necessary to choose a slip masterbatch with high mobility to form a uniform lubrication layer on the film surface; For PET materials, it is necessary to choose a slip masterbatch with high melting point and high-temperature resistance, to improve its processing stability and durability.

3.4 Selecting an Appropriate Addition Amount

Choosing the appropriate dosage is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of the slip masterbatch. Adding too much slip masterbatch will affect the physical properties of the BOPP film and thus the performance of the package.

At the same time, adding too little slip masterbatch will also affect the effect of slip masterbatch.


BOPP film is a high-performance material widely used in the packaging and printing industries. When BOPP film is produced, the surface gloss and smooth performance of the film can be significantly improved by adding a proper slip masterbatch.

However, the selection of a suitable BOPP film slip masterbatch is an important step to ensure the quality and stability of BOPP film.

When selecting a BOPP film slip masterbatch, factors such as application scenario, additional amount, compatibility, and quality should be considered to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.