Why resin as the main raw material can be formed with different properties of the product, and how to design an easy-to-use slip and anti-blocking masterbatch? Different properties of auxiliary materials are added to the slip and anti-blocking masterbatch.

The raw material combination that changes the properties of the main raw material resin is the material formula of this product.

1. Formula design principle of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

Formula design of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

Plastic products (especially polyvinyl chloride products) are multi-component plastics. The design of the material formula of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch is a complex technical work, involving the application performance of main raw materials and auxiliary materials, product specifications and quality, production equipment, mold, and various auxiliary equipment performance, the production process of main raw materials and the control of process parameters.

According to the experience of the opening smooth agent manufacturer, the slip and anti-blocking masterbatch material formula designer needs to have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of raw materials, production equipment, and forming process. It is necessary to have both theoretical knowledge and practical production experience and to design a more reasonable product formula from the aspects of raw materials, equipment, technology, and so on.

2. Matters needing attention in formula design of slip and anti-blocking masterbatch

1) Application conditions should be understood before formulation design

Before the formulation design, the application conditions of the slip and anti-blocking masterbatch should be understood, and the primary and secondary items in product quality requirements should be distinguished.

According to the experience of the manufacturer of the slip and anti-blocking masterbatch, in the case of meeting the product quality requirements, we should try to choose the formula with a convenient source of raw materials, sufficient source of materials, low price, and stable performance.

2) Feasibility of selecting raw materials

Attention should be paid to the interaction between materials and the feasibility of process operation. For example, in order to ensure that the product has good opening properties, be prepared to choose a relatively high-purity erucic amide.

However, this kind of raw material should have a high process temperature in the production process, which will bring certain difficulties to the production and operation, and increase the production cost, product quality is difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, this choice of raw materials is not advisable. In the design of the formula, we must pay attention to the selection of materials in the formula, can not unilaterally emphasize a point, and ignore the consequences of the interaction between raw materials.

3) Reduce the formula process threshold

The slip and anti-blocking masterbatch should pay attention to whether the material in the formula has strict requirements for the technological operating conditions.

Materials that are sensitive to changes in process temperature, not easy to cooperate with other materials, and easy to decompose and precipitate must be used as little or as little as possible.