With the reasonable coordination of synthetic resins and auxiliaries, the required plastic materials can be obtained in a short time. It can be seen that plastic formulation technology is the main means to obtain new materials in the plastic industry.

the required plastic materials can be obtained in a short time

For specific purposes, some have excellent performance, but high cost; Some are economical but poor in performance; Some performance and cost can meet the requirements, but the molding process is difficult. Therefore, the formulation design of plastic auxiliaries needs modification to meet the requirements of all aspects of application and processing. In addition, it usually takes several years or even longer to develop new varieties of synthetic resins.

1. Meet the principles of product performance

Any material or product is developed for the application. In functional masterbatch formula design, the first thing to consider is the application environment of the product, such as outdoor application, applied to hot and humid conditions, applied to high temperature, applied to stress state, and according to the application environment, determine the application performance, pay attention to the classification of plastic additives, select reasonable performance additives for formula design.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) drums, used for filling oil, oil resistant modification; When loading carbonated drinks, block modification; When installing photosensitive medication, paint black. Another example is the PP injection chair, low-temperature impact modification applied in the north; Used in mine, antistatic, flame retardant modification.

2. Meet the principles of product design performance

In many applications, the product must have a certain shape and size, to meet the needs of installation or be conducive to the stress form, the instrument or device should be arranged in some structure, require a certain space and other conditions, and can not change these conditions. The formulation design of functional masterbatch must comply with these design regulations.

The function of formula design is how to give full play to the functional characteristics of each component of the selected raw materials within the range of design, through reasonable design, can meet the requirements of product design, meet the requirements of the performance.

3. The principle of meeting the requirements of molding process conditions

To meet the requirements of the molding process, the requirements of the formula can adapt to the characteristics of the product molding process, equipment, and mold, in the process of plasticizing and shearing, the material will not volatilize or less decomposition, at the same time, the rheological properties of the material and the equipment and mold match. Therefore, the ingredients that have a great influence on the forming processing performance, such as anti-blocking masterbatch, slip masterbatch, filler, slip and anti-blocking masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, etc., reasonable selection of dosage and variety, so that the formula can meet the requirements of forming processing.

For example, PVC film can be produced by blow molding and calendering. The two different processing methods have different requirements for the slip masterbatch. The blowing method often chooses a slip masterbatch, and adds less; External lubricants are often used in calendering, adding slightly larger amounts.

4. Meet the principle of balanced product cost performance

Formula designers usually pursue perfect performance, therefore, plastic additive manufacturers pay more attention to the economic benefits of products, because of the high cost, some formulas often can not be put into actual production.

It is very important to make the formula reasonably cost-effective. Generally speaking, in the case of no impact or little impact on the main performance, the cost of the formula should be reduced as far as possible to ensure the economic rationality of the product, only in this way, the product is competitive.

5. Principles for meeting user needs

The user is God, only the user’s satisfaction with the commodity is a good commodity. It is an important principle that formula design must follow to select cheap raw materials, design reasonable and effective formulas, and prepare good quality and low prices and praised by users.