Genuine Plastic Co. Ltd., is a High-Tech enterprise specialized in functional additives and masterbatches for films, with the ability to provide tailor-made solution to BOPP film,cast film and blown film manufacturers by combining research and development, manufacture and sales in one company.

Our broad range of fatty acid amides and specialty derivatives are used to solve many processes and plastic part problems faced by the polymer industry.


With our commitment to research and applications development, Genuine Plastic has significantly advanced industry understanding of amide synthesis and brought several new patented technologies to the marketplace.

Our products can be used on BRUCKNER machines, the famous German equipment manufacturer.

Professional Materbatch Supplier

  • Genuine Plastic Co. Ltd., is a Chinese globalization, professional film used (BOPP/BOPET/BOPA/BOPE/PETG/CPP/CPE/IPP/IPE) large functional masterbatch suppliers.

  • With a number of high precision batching system of intelligent production lines and a full set of film and masterbatch testing and pilot test equipment;

  • We can provide a full range of functional masterbatch solutions for different processing processes and special films.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Team

The products we provide takes pride in the quality of its product and product range. By working closely with polymer manufacturers and customers, we identify each party’s needs and goals, enabling us to add value at each end of the supply chain. Furthermore, we ensure our customers benefit from innovative solutions and services in this sector of plastic raw materials and chemicals.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s hard to believe that we’ve been operating in the plastics industry for over twenty years! During that time, we have become the largest and friendliest independent custom additive masterbatch manufacturer in China. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team is the reason for our success and ability to deliver truly special effect and additive masterbatches.

GP logo on the office wall

We know you require a fast response and products that work. We have the ability and capacity to respond quickly to ever-changing market demands with sales teams serving a global client base. As a trusted supply chain partner, we provide peace of mind to many global plastics processors by complying with international regulations and stringent quality standards.

Rapid expansion and significant investment have resulted in the development of sleek and efficient manufacturing facilities that enable us to provide a proactive and agile service. We develop additive concentrates within a strictly controlled environment.

Our mission is to be the most valuable masterbatch supplier of our customers, backing by an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest operating standards. We respond in the same way to every order. Our many accreditations include ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. All our formulations are REACH compliant.