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Genuine Plastic Co. Ltd., is a High-Tech enterprise specialized in functional additives and masterbatches for films, with the ability to provide tailor-made solution to BOPP film,cast film and blown film manufacturers by combining research and development, manufacture and sales in one company.

Our broad range of fatty acid amides and specialty derivatives are used to solve many processes and plastic part problems faced by the polymer industry.

With our commitment to research and applications development, Genuine Plastic has significantly advanced industry understanding of amide synthesis and brought several new patented technologies to the marketplace.

Our products can be used on BRUCKNER machines, the famous German equipment manufacturer.

As a responsible manufacturer operating within the polymer supply chain, we are committed to providing full regulatory support and ensuring compliance across our entire range of masterbatch products developed for the pharmaceutical, food and toy sectors.

Our professional team ensures these products are manufactured by following strictly defined guidelines to safeguard the health and safety of you and your end-users.

Our operations, product formulation and manufacturing facilities are approved to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. All our formulations are REACH compliant, compliant with RoHS and 2004/12/EC for packaging and packaging waste for heavy metals. We remain fully up to date with developments in the regulatory requirements, which help us to continually provide the safest products on the market.

Masterbatch Catalogue

Tutorial: How to choose cast film anti-blocking masterbatch

Casting film has excellent heat-sealing performance and excellent transparency, how to choose the appropriate anti-blocking masterbatch has become a difficult problem that many producers must tackle. This paper describes the composition of the salivary membrane and the selection of an anti-blocking masterbatch. 1. Overview of casting film [Read More]

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Cast film anti-blocking masterbatch formula composition

What is the composition of an anti-blocking masterbatch?  The anti-blocking masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler, and auxiliaries. In the process of forming, the ratio of the anti-blocking masterbatch and matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of relevant components in the masterbatch and the amount [Read More]

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What is an anti-blocking masterbatch?

There are three commonly used anti-blocking masterbatch: silica, oleic acid amide, and erucic acid amide. During the processing and use of plastic film, the inherent properties of some resin or film products often cannot meet the required processing requirements, so it is necessary to add plastic function additives that [Read More]

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